Máquina neumática portátil

MarknStamp presenta una gama completa de máquinas portátiles neumáticas para aplicaciones de marcado rápido o profundo. Las máquinas están disponibles en varios tamaños y funcionan con los controladores CN03 de 2 ejes.

  • Área de marcado:  50 x 30mm, 80 x 30mm and 150 x 50mm
  • Operación: Uses touch screen controller with WYSIWYG user interface.
  • Guías lineales en ambos ejes para una profundidad de marcado uniforme.
  • Ventana de marcado estándar
  • Dos variaciones de la superficie de impresión

Otros detalles

Standard Marking window 80mm X 30mm
Versions Pneumatic & Electric versions.
Drive Linear Drive with LM Guides.
Handles Provided with handles for easy handling
Weight 3.2kg with front fixture (2.8kg without fixture.)
Cable 10m standard cable.
Standard Stylus LP‐10 for Steel OR LP‐06 for Al Marking (P) /
EM‐01 Stylus.
Imprintng surface variance 10mm (P).
Electrical connection 240v
Air connection up to 6 bar (P Only)
Material of Construction
Machine Body Al. with LM Guide ways from Hiwin
Machine Cover Carbon Steel with powder coating.
CNC Controller 2 Axis Hybrid Controller from STAMP ‘IT
Drive Stepper Motors.
Customization Component holding or resting attachment are customized.
Optional Combo working with stand CF02

Axes 2 axis version.
Power Supply 24VDC 5A Power Adapter.
Cooling High Speed Fan provided.
Machine Connection Robust Military Grade Round Bayonet Connectors
Display 7” Resistive Touch Screen Display.
Inputs 4 Inputs for automatic design selection
Outputs 3 Outputs, end of marking, machine ready for marking & error.
Storage Unlimited Storage Capacity.
Force Codes 9 Force Codes in Electric version to adjust depth.
2D Barcodes Datamatrix & QRCode Marking Possible.
Features Normal, Inverted, Mirror, Circular, Inside Circle, Incremental Serial Numbers, Date, Variable Data, Date, Month, Year, Week, Day Codes, Array Copy, Text Block, PLT File Block, Blank
Points, Timer, Wait for Start, Constant Length Marking and many more…
Fonts Dot 5×7 & 7×9, Single Line Standard, Fast Font & Cursive Font are Fast Fonts, over 8 other Artistic Fonts.
Logos Unlimited HPGL PLT download from PC using a USB Pen Drive.
Ports RS232 & RS485 for I/P and O/P Comm. with PC or PLC.
Industrial Communication Anybus Device for Profinet or Profibus Connectivity over Serial Port.

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