Simple Marker Machine

Excellent Quality CNC Permanent Marking Now Made Affordable

Excellent Quality CNC Permanent Marking Now Made Affordable

MNSB - 53

The world’s first wifi based cordless handheld marking machine. The innovative marking solution for all your needs using patent pending technology.


Our Table Top MNS-PC machine aims to provide a solution that caters to the needs of wide marking application areas. The machine can mark angular, circular, mirror, inverted, date and shift codes with accuracy.


Select the perfect accessory from our wide range of offerings to enhance the usage of our marking solutions and to customise them for your exact usage.


MarknStamp presents the most powerful, yet simple to use CN03 touch screen controllers for all types of marking machines. The controller is now available as 2 and 4 axis version in both Electric and Pneumatic working.


Hybrid, The Network Marking Machine

MarknStamp presents the Hybrid marking machine, available in both Electric and Pneumatic versions. The machine communicates over an Ethernet port and can be used either in direct connection or in an existing intranet of the company. This machine gives the simplicity and power of the StampSOFT Software as well as the advantage of standalone working.

  • Standard Marking Window: 120 x 100mm
  • Other Marking Windows: 160 x 160mm, 300 x 210mm & 420 x 300mm.
  • Pin Vibrations: Both Dot peen and Vibro peen available.
  • Working: Plug and Play working over the LAN port.
  • Column Height adjustment: 400mm Imprinting
  • Power: 100 N
  • Standard Stylus: HF‐16 for Steel Marking OR HF‐10 for Aluminium Marking
  • Imprinting surface variance: 3mm (upto 10mm with LP‐10 Stylus)
  • Marking Speed: Depends on Application
  • Port: LAN Port (Static Ip)

Other Details

Table Top Hybrid Marking Machines

MarknStamp aims to provide a solution that caters to the needs of wide marking application areas. Our Table Top hybrid machine is one of the most popular solution for such usage. A simple plug-n-play connectivity eases its use at great extent. Basic Ethernet connector avoids any compatibility conflicts raised with USB connector. A simple Ipv4 protocol marks its simplicity with higher data carrying capacity and cost efficiency.

Table mounted marking machines are designed for marking on any small component. It has marking window of 120mm x 100 mm. The latest inbuilt WiFi hotspot makes it easy to connect with any laptop or system and saves time – Simply plug the machine and start marking. Its optional metal bellows benefits to keep debris always. The mount has facility to adjust height upto 400 mm as per the marking component.

Our Hybrid machine interface is extremely simple to use. Any person having basic computer knowledge can grasp it quickly. It achieves minimal learning curve and no training costs. Our software is available in 11 languages with up gradable features. A unique knowledge base of more than 50 videos is offered by us. Each aspect of machine handling and maintenance is covered in this video library. Besides we have full time assistance for users to resolve any queries.

With hybrid marking machine user can mark angular, circular, mirror, inverted, date and shift codes with accuracy. The unique feature of CSV marking is distinctively rich in features. User can use the same machine for printing bar codes as it can directly give an output to bar code printer. We also have special 2D bar code scanners to provide scanner based solutions.

In modern industries ERPs like Oracle, SAP produce the marking data. Hybrid marking machine interface has potential to access data with direct connection to the ERP. Our SDK has capability to develop such customized applications. This offers endless opportunities to create your own application.

Using hybrid machines are highly advised in most of the automated applications. It has very easy integration capability. This is proved as a cost effective and reliable solution than any controller based touch screen based marking machine.

Accessories available for the marking machine are a big advantage. User can create complete automatic systems using them. Manual nameplate clamping device, Pneumatic nameplate clamping device are included in the accessories. It has fully customized auto nameplate feeder application already developed for automated process. With Penumatic and Electric marking machines there are other variants too. They are available as a 3 axis machine with either a rotary device to mark on circumferential components or motorized Z axis machine to adjust heights based upon component thickness.  These machines are highly accepted and liked in the global marking market, with more than 1500 installations in India and a total of 2500 installations globally.

Electrical connection 240v
Air connection up to 6 bar
PC Required Configuration Any Standard PC with a free LAN port or Ethernet hub.
Operating Software Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10

Machine Body Aluminium with LM Guide ways from Hiwin.
Machine Cover Carbon Steel with powder coating.
Colour of machine Siemens Grey with Blue Column & Black Base
Pneumatics Mac, SMC & Janatics
CNC Controller 2 Axis Hybrid Controller from STAMP ‘IT
Drive Stepper Motors.
Packing Air worthy packing.

Software Operates with proprietary software STAMPITLAN 2015 available free along with the machine. Can drive up to 3 machines from a single computer.
Storage Capacity Unlimited storage and Designs possible.
Features Normal, Inverted, Mirror, Circular, Inside Circle, Incremental and Decremental Serial Numbers, Date & Time Code, LOG File generation, Barcode Scanner Output, Variable Data, CSV File linking, and many more.
Fonts: Dot 5×7 & 7×9, Single Line Standard, Fast Font & Cursive Font, Double Line TTF Fonts. (Over 100 Single Line Fonts)
Logos HPGL PLT Files import.

I/O Port 4 Inputs for automatic file selection. End of marking O/P, Marking Ready O/P.
Customization Lot of Customizable Accessories available.

3 types of Rotary Attachments

2 types of Motorised Z Stands

Heavy Duty Stand

3 types of Name Plate Holding Attachments

Swivelling Base Attachment


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