Simple Marker Machine

Excellent Quality CNC Permanent Marking Now Made Affordable

Excellent Quality CNC Permanent Marking Now Made Affordable

MNSB - 53

The world’s first wifi based cordless handheld marking machine. The innovative marking solution for all your needs using patent pending technology.


Our Table Top MNS-PC machine aims to provide a solution that caters to the needs of wide marking application areas. The machine can mark angular, circular, mirror, inverted, date and shift codes with accuracy.


Select the perfect accessory from our wide range of offerings to enhance the usage of our marking solutions and to customise them for your exact usage.


MarknStamp presents the most powerful, yet simple to use CN03 touch screen controllers for all types of marking machines. The controller is now available as 2 and 4 axis version in both Electric and Pneumatic working.


What Is Simple Marker

If you are a business who has reasonable marking requirements for marking machine on metal and searching for marking machine manufacturer in India for a attractive marking machine price you have reached the right destination.

Marknstamp is a marking machine manufacturer with best in class technology and applications for all sorts of marking machine for metal and non-metal application. 

  • Robust machine and holding hand
  • 100mm x 70mm marking window to cover most marking application
  • Standard holding stand of 150mm height
  • Communication over Wifi hotspot of machine, no other Wifi network required
  • Use standard Mobile or Tablet or Laptop for operation
  • Simple to use with one button for all operations
  • Use the standard 19V 1.8A adapter for power
  • Drawing for accessories available for download
  • Multicolor LED to indicate machine status

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