Touch Screen Controller Based Machines

  • WYSIWYG touch screen controller.
  • Multilingual user interface available in 11
  • ON Screen slide show tutorials for the user interface for fastest learning.
  • Can be used with Hand Held marker, Integration Heads OR the Desktop Machine.
  • Designed for industrial environments suitable for automation.
  • Multiple Fonts to choose from.
  • Can mark HPGL PLT Files.
  • Unlimited storage of designs.
  • Cad like Shape Commands to construct logos.
  • Facility to mark Data matrix and QR Code Barcodes directly on metal parts.
  • USB Port for file transfers, I/O Ports for Automatic Design Selection, RS232 and
    RS485 for communication with external devices.
  • Powerful feature of Jogging to position marking tool w.r.t. component.
  • Available as 2 axis and 3 axis version for Rotary device or Motorized Z Axis.
  • Most Compact construction for use as a Portable machine or Integratable marking head.
  • Linear guides on both axes for uniform marking depth all throughout.
  • Available in 50 x 30mm, 80 x 30mm and 150 x 50mm size.
  • Available in Pneumatic & Electric Versions

SevenStamp Teaser

Touch Screen Controllers

Stamp IT brings you powerful controllers for operating the marking machines. These controllers have been designed keeping in mind the simplicity of use for the operators, different features required for industrial automation applications and versatility and easy of maintaining the machines. Different models of marking heads are available to work with these controllers the selection of which completely depends on the type of application, size of marking required, fitment constraints and ease of working.

The controller has a touch based interface made popular by the smart phone or tablet revolution in the electronic industry. A marking controller has a requirement of lot of features to suit the requirements of multiple or diverse applications from simple portable single line fixed text marking to taking data from a leak testing system and marking data on parts fitted on the testing equipment, to reading barcodes and marking data or printing the marking data in form of barcodes for further use. Keeping the simplicity of user interface without compromising on any of the features was a bigger challenge which the innovative brains in Stamp IT managed to achieve. The graphical software for working with the designs creates a WOW expression with every person who has used any other similar machine.

Made in a robust metal construction, with military connectors for communication cables, utmost care has been taken to make them last long. Modular construction even at electronic level to facilitate ease of maintenance and maximum use of off the shelf items available everywhere has been the core strength of Stamp IT machines in general. The same is seen working with these controllers.

Unique intuitive design of the controller facilitates 3 different mounting possibilities, either table top, wall mounted or panel mounted.

Controller has the WYSIWYG interface for simplicity. Almost unlimited design storage, facility to mark CSV files, communication with external devices with USB, RS232 and RS485 ports, print barcode labels directly from controller, digital I/Os for simple automations etc. are some of the many standard features of this controller.
Compact integration friendly marking heads with or without bellows, portable marking heads in same compact construction and desktop or table top models with larger window size, all can be coupled with a touch screen controller to run for your marking application.
The complete range of controllers and marking heads is available in both Pneumatic as well as Electric technology. So choose the appropriate technology based on your taste and application requirement. Both the systems work seamlessly to satisfy the application requirements.